We at CineLogic wholeheartedly agree with Disney CEO Bob Iger when he said the Marvel formula needs to be re-examined. While in a significant restructuring effort, Disney has set a goal of cutting $5.5 billion in expenses, with $3 billion coming from content. Of course, as Iger stated, they have to cut cost while also increasing quality … but who doesn’t? The question is how can they cut cost and boost quality at the same time, and more importantly how can they cut cost and boost quality enough to fix Marvel’s problem?

The answer is both simple and wildly disruptive. They have to embrace game-engine, pre-viz technology, but use it the right way (the CineLogic way), which is not the way it’s being used throughout the industry. To learn more about these CineLogic innovations, check out our videos.

Disney CEO Bob Iger calls for ‘newness’ in Marvel movies: What this means for the MCU’s future (sportskeeda.com)

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