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CineLogic is ready to show you how to make movies in a whole new way. We can produce your action scenes for you or partner with you on your entire film. 

Actionable Data



CineLogic has been studying and pioneering computer pre-visualization technologies for decades.  Let us share our many case studies, findings and conclusions with you.    



CineLogic is the world’s leading authority on our suite of proprietary, cost-cutting/quality-boosting innovations.  Let us show you the opportunities they offer your productions. 

Expert Advice

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Second Unit


CineLogic can deliver your action scenes for you.  Contact us to learn how you can have the big-budget look, for a low-budget price. 


CineLogic can partner with you on your entire film – slashing cost and boosting quality, every step of the way.  First we’ll allow you to see your finished film, months before filming begins.  Then, we’ll engineer precisely how to capture each shot for the lowest price.  And finally, we’ll handle all the logistics, as we capture those shots together.

New Capabilities